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8 Benefits of Call Center CTI

What is a Call Center?

A Call Center refers to a department to which phone calls from clients and potential customers are channeled. These are departments within an organization that are focused on answering phone calls. When a client has an inquiry or complaint regarding a service or product, they reach for answers through the call center of the company. As expectation of customers service began to rise, call center departments are arming themselves with tools to help them better meet the needs of their customers.

What is CTI?

(CTI) stands for Computer Telephony Integration. It is a technology that allows computers to integrate and interact with telephone systems. This helps to receive a large number of incoming calls at the Call Centers. This enables the agent to make and receive tones of calls without touching an actual telephone. This technology can also populate the computer screen with caller’s information and history, routing of calls to the most appropriate agent, placing the caller on hold and transferring the caller to another department and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of CTI Call Center Technology:

#1. Easy Call Handling

Easy Handling

With CTI, there is no need for phones. Call center agents can make and receive calls from their computer with a simple click of buttons on their computer screen. This is possible by the advance call controls provided by CTI on their computers. This allows agents to make and receive calls, rout calls, transfer, mute, or put on.

#2. Detailed Customer Information

Using CTI, call agents can view detailed information (such as the name, address, location, email, company, etc.) about the caller through automated screen pop-ups. Having this information, the agent can communicate professionally with customers. This helps the agent to lead communication and improve call handle time, as the agent won’t have to browse through many databases just to find the caller’s information.

#3. Reduced Cost & Increase Productivity

Reduce Cost & Increase Professionalism

Receiving high volumes of calls every day simply means more call agents to handle requests effectively. The introduction of CTI can help through the following:

  1. Shorten call handling time, reducing the number of call agents
  2. Reduce the number of telephone lines needed for call center
  3. Increase revenue
  4. Increase professionalism

#4. Better Caller Experience

Better call experience

The more detailed information available, the better the communication. Knowing the details of a caller before receiving a call or greeting the caller by name enables the agent to have a more personalized customer experience. Not having to scan through multiple databases to find callers information, reduces the complexity of the call, and makes a satisfied customer.

#5. Unified System

Unified Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) also permits integration of integrates with other technologies like Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Voice Conferencing, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as well as caller data such as call history, call chronicles, individual data, messages, buy history, cases and bolster tickets, and so on all in one dashboard. This provides agents detailed knowledge of who they are communicating with.

#6. More Data Available

The more detailed information available, the better the scale of communication. The ability of the agent to access caller information is made easy and less stressful. Call center CTI offers a wide range of information, such as name, address, professional details, email addresses, and history with the company. This information is all visible on the agent’s screen for fast survey, enabling operators to offer customized administration and strong discussion.

#7. Efficient Routing of Calls

Call Routing

Routing of calls based on the caller’s information improves the customer’s perception of the business and makes them feel more valuable. Customers become more satisfied as they are being transferred to agents who speak their language or have more insight about the product they are enquiring about

#8. Automated Caller Authentication

CTI in call centers can validate caller’s id by coordinating the telephone number the client is calling from with numbers in the organization database, saving time and effort.

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