Fire up voice, chat, or collaboration with one touch using the new AvayaVantage™ Device. Put Vantage devices where users need your applications: desktops, hotel rooms, healthcare, kiosks. Open integration and extensibility with the Avaya Client SDK means it’s easy to personalize Vantage for your industry, business, and users.

Transform Your Professional
Desktop Communications Experience

Engage using an innovative, all-glass, dedicated desktop device

Use voice, chat, and collaboration apps through one-touch connections. There are no unnatural breaks or pauses. And no need to manage multiple devices for engagement.

Mesh unique custom experiences into your workflows and business processes.

Mesh unique custom experiences into your workflows and business processes.

Deliver a rich and vibrant user experience.

Use the Avaya Equinox™ Experience on Avaya Vantage to give users rich features and applications. If you’ve been using Avaya Equinox on mobile, there’s no interface learning curve. Or, go with the basic package for Avaya Vantage—this app focuses on audio and video calling and the most commonly used calling features.

Support third-party hosted call control platforms,

like Broadsoft and Zang™ Office, by running the Avaya Vantage™ Open client on your Avaya Vantage device. Or meet the need with Avaya Open SIP Phones.

For Avaya IP Office customers, use open Android-based Vantage models

designed specifically for you. These special devices even include a model with a traditional keypad.

Achieve complete business application integration

by using the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK with Vantage to create custom client applications. Focus on the specific needs of your industry—healthcare, hospitality, government, retail, entertainment, more.

Skip the standardized, canned, pre-set communications solutions

that you’ve adapted—or creatively force fit—into your world. Vantage fits well into the big picture of devices with customization and feature development.

Consider design

contemporary form factor, signature audio excellence, capacitive touch screen, no mechanical buttons, and an optional handset.

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