Effective energy management needs to be complemented by effective and reliable energy storage. Simba’s energy storage products provide dependable solutions for telecom applications, particularly for countries with poor grid connectivity and power generation. Our knowledge of the specific conditions in Nigeria leads to a customized product portfolio, matching the needs of our clients.


Simba offers a comprehensive range of valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) and flooded batteries to serve the telecommunications industry. Our batteries are designed for optimal performance, long life, high energy density and ease of installation, which make them applicable for all types of telecom applications.

Our OPzV batteries are characterized by their long life, increased durability under cyclic use conditions as well as for their low maintenance requirements, providing clients a cost effective energy solution. Their robust construction and the state of the art manufacturing process, make OPzV batteries an ideal solution for high demanding applications such as renewable energy and telecom systems.


Front Terminal

Simba’s front terminal telecom batteries are ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The front access design permits rapid installation and reduced maintenance time. The FT batteries are the ideal choice for Telecommunication applications which require a reliable, compact and affordable solution.

Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion batteries have several advantages over lead acid batteries. They typically last 4-5 times longer, and are able to run optimally over a wider range of climactic conditions (external temperature). They also have a higher charging and discharging rate, requiring only two hours for a full charge. We partner with leading Lithium battery manufacturers who are pioneering technological advances for telecom applications, and driving change in the industry.

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