H100 Series Video Collaboration Stations

Video Phones for Highly Effective Engagement

One Desktop Device Handles Your Video Conferencing, Telephony, and Unified Communications

Avaya video collaboration stations deliver highly effective engagement throughout your business day. Go beyond a basic video phone with full HD video conferencing, a business phone and unified communications features—all in one touchscreen desktop station.

H175 Video Collaboration Station

This model features an advanced H.264 High Profile video engine, detachable full HD 1080p camera, HDMI inputs and outputs, and a wideband audio subsystem. Extensive connectivity offers convenience for both the user and the administrator. The Avaya H175 Video Collaboration Station has built-in WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and an additional network outlet for a co-located PC, all of which makes deployment both simpler and more cost effective.

Provide key productivity-enhancing communications features all in one station.

An Avaya Video Collaboration Station delivers an executive video conferencing system on your desktop—and also gives you a SIP-based business phone and key productivity enhancing communications.

Use presence, synchronized contacts, even a synchronized calendar—all available on a seven-inch touchscreen, right on your desk.

There’s a detachable HD camera, flexible HDMI inputs and outputs, and wideband audio. Avaya’s Video Collaboration Stations make it fast and easy to launch your personal or small-huddle environment.

Support deeper engagement and greater productivity.

Collaborating via video with associates, customers, and vendors—especially contacts you rarely or never meet in person—can enhance relationships and lead to faster, smarter decision making. A virtual video room lets everyone interact, share, and present as if they’re all in the same traditional conference room. All that’s missing is the morning pastry tray.