Simba Infrastructure is able to draw on the Simba Group’s extensive knowledge and resources in the solar industry. As one of the leading renewable energy businesses operating in Nigeria, Simba Solar is driving adoption of solar technology across industry verticals.

Among the 25,000 towers operating in Nigeria, only 25-35 per cent are connected to the national power grid and where this connection exists, power supply is only available for an average of four to five hours per day. Solar technology provides a great opportunity for telecom and tower companies to drive down operational expenses and guarantee network uptime. Simba Infrastructure has a wide range of Solar Systems for telecom applications, that have been designed to serve the needs of economical and reliable power at BTS, Microwave & Repeater sites at affordable prices. Our solutions include stand alone systems for new sites as well as hybrid systems for existing or new sites.



  • Long Operational Life
    Our systems run for more than 25 years
  • Low Operational Cost
    Running costs are almost negligible, and savings from no diesel are very high
  • High Reliability
    The systems ensure 24/7 highly reliable quality power including redundancy
  • Integration
    The systems can be fully integrated with existing technology on site
  • Remote Monitoring
    Systems are configured for remote unattended operations
  • Environmental Benefits
    Our systems cause no air or sound pollution, garnering greater support from local communities
  • Government Compliance
    increasingly governments worldwide are restricting the use of diesel at telecom sites.

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